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po_create() creates a new po/{languages}.po containing the messages to be translated.

Generally, we expect you to use po_create() to create new .po files but if you call it with an existing translation, it will update it with any changes from the .pot. See po_update() for details.


po_create(languages, dir = ".", verbose = !is_testing())



Language identifiers. These are typically two letters (e.g. "en" = English, "fr" = French, "es" = Spanish, "zh" = Chinese), but can include an additional suffix for languages that have regional variations (e.g. "fr_CN" = French Canadian, "zh_CN" = simplified characters as used in mainland China, "zh_TW" = traditional characters as used in Taiwan.)


Character, default the present directory; a directory in which an R package is stored.


Logical, default TRUE (except during testing). Should extra information about progress, etc. be reported?