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potools 0.2.3 (in development)

  • [Feature] translate_package() has been made more modular by splitting up its steps into individual exported functions. Thanks @hadley for the suggestion & design review, in addition to the effort filing PRs to achieve this.
  • [Note] potools now has a site built by pkgdown and hosted on GitHub pages: Thanks @hadley for the initial implementation.
  • [Documentation] Two new vignettes, “Translation for package developers” and “Translation for package translators” explain in some detail the process of translation from two perspectives – that of the package developer and that of the message translator.
  • [Bugfix] translate_package() works in batch mode, #224. Thanks @HenrikBengtsson for the report.
  • potools has a new hex logo! Thanks to @hadley for coordinating and @allisonhorst for the drawing!
  • [Bugfix] check_cracked_messages() recognizes named arguments (e.g. call. to stop() or appendLF to message()) and keeps them in the original call, #227. Thanks @hadley for the report.
  • [Note] The test suite now relies on the 3rd edition of testthat, meaning a version requirement in the Suggested dependency.
  • [Note] The default value of verbose has been changed to TRUE in translate_package() and get_message_data(). Verbosity has also been increased to help detect the source of issues, #288. Thanks for @LDalby for reporting an unhelpful error.
  • [Note] The package now contains Japanese translations of potools itself to serve as an example. See po/R-ja.po. #241; thanks @HenrikBengtsson for the suggestion.
  • [Feature] check_potools_sys_reqs() (mostly intended for internal use, but exported for testing) gains a which argument to fine-tune which system requirements to check, #275 and #288. Thanks @hadley for the suggestion and @LDalby for early dev testing which emphasized the need for this.
  • [Note] potools gains a logo featuring a potoo thanks to the artistic skills of @allisonhorst
  • [Feature] New function po_explain_plurals() to help de-mystify how to supply plurals for different languages. For example, po_explain_plurals("pl", 3) explains that “For Polish (Polski), plural index 2 applies when n = 0, 5-21, 25-31, 35-41, …”, #278. Thanks @hadley for the suggestion to independently export this functionality which was already used as part of translate_package().
  • [Bugfix] A test for non-GNU versions of gettext has been improved, #221. Please report any issues here – I don’t have any good way of testing non-GNU tools.

New languages/locales supported out of the box:

  • Swedish (svenska)

potools 0.2.2 (July 2021)

CRAN release: 2021-07-12

  • Skip tests on machines where gettext is unavailable, #187; also alter the msgfmt command executed to create .mo files to skip options unavailable on Solaris, #218
  • Faster parsing of src messages (e.g. get_message_data() for the base package reduced from 14 to 7 seconds), #119
  • [New feature] New argument max_translations for translate_package() to limit the number of translations done, #188
  • When adding metadata for a new language, added tolerance for whitespace differences in specifying plurals, #183
  • [New feature] get_message_data() skips over messages on lines with comments # notranslate, and regions of lines between matched pairs of comments # notranslate start and # notranslate end, #10. Most useful for small fragmentary strings that are untranslateable/not worth translating, and for strings that are technically untranslateable (e.g., because they contain \r).
  • [New function] write_po_file() to convert a message database to a .po or .pot file manually (previously this was handled internally by translate_package()), #203. Also a constructor for the associated po_metadata class, po_metadata(). See ?po_metadata.
  • [Bugfix] get_message_data() does a better job on files with unmatched parentheses inside preprocessor macros (#defines) in C/C++ files, #199

potools 0.2.0 (June 2021)

CRAN release: 2021-06-30

  • Landed on CRAN!